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Natural remedies

area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : practices concerning nature
The wealth of experience with remedies either in home medicine or home remedies is a valuable part of our regional culture. Besides a healthy lifestyle, these help to reduce the cost of illness, and also promote holistic health.
The wisdom of the herbalists, animal and farmer doctors is legendary in our past . Today, knowledge about natural remedies is still common in families (it is known these days as “Traditional European Medicine”). “Nature’s Chemist Shop” has much to offer: herbs (teas, extracts, tinctures, etc.), elder, honey, vinegar, quark, vegetables and much more – these are still as often used as before. This knowledge is important – it is a legacy from our forefathers and an important part of our lifestyle culture. Health has always been an issue of utmost concern for man. The time is therefore ripe for man to return to holistic ways, immersed in their own living and working space.
The wealth of experience in home medicine or home remedies is a valuable part of regional culture. There is a lot of knowledge available, be it on collecting herbs yourself, cultivating and harvesting them, or manufacturing.
Be it herbal mixtures, ointments, vinegar patches, quark compresses, fir tip syrup, dandelion honey, propolis, garlic, sauerkraut, hay flowers, animal fats, loam and earth, healing waters, baths with extracts or even natural cosmetics – effective recipes which were once to be found in cookbooks are now to be found in the household.


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