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area : Steirisches Vulkanland
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What we grow here has value!
In a land where fruit grows almost up to your doorstep, it is no wonder that culinary skills are widespread. The knowledge and skills required for preparation, processing or preservation are writ large in our families. Cooking and culinary preparation are valuable components of our culture and form part of common sense. Cookies, pastries and cakes are always available at the weekend or for guests. It is logical that only home-made delicacies are served. Goods from your own garden, kitchen or cellar always taste best. “The way to the heart is through the belly” and the innate quality of our foodstuffs as well as eating together as part of the family define our health to a major degree. As a result, products from our own kitchen take precedence over the delicacies from the shop shelf. It is no coincidence that numerous innovations are made in Vulkanland in the field of “kitchen & garage”.
Our rich culture of delicacies is visible in our economic life. We have the highest ratio of chefs per capita in the Styrian region. Worldwide, Volcano-landers are known as top-notch chefs. The region Vulkanland has over the last decade matured into a culinary Mecca: approx. 300 guesthouses, 140 cafés, 200 taverns and 570 small retailers provide testimony of the variety, quality and strength of the regional economy. The number of active top producers continues to increase by the year. Culinary expertise fills the landscape with taste, for which we are rewarded with a beautiful, intact cultural landscape.

Both in the home and across the region, self-made, refined and loved products are continuing to increase in popularity. “Söwa g´mocht” (“self-made”) hits the spot in the Steirisches Volcano Region. Home-made and local produce is good for the environment and for man. The cultural heritage of our typical regional dishes is today undergoing an era of rediscovery and innovation. From Frühstückstommerl with sour soup through to mushroom soup with buckwheat, there is a lot of tradition on our tables. Almost no other aspect of culture is as rich and typical as our culture of eating and drinking. We preserve this as a unique treasure and contribute to its value. Our higher education colleges for management and service industries in Feldbach and Mureck, the tourism school in Bad Gleichenberg and the State Professional Tourism School, as well as numerous school projects all inspire the culinary art in the Volcano Region. Here tradition meets up with young minds – the result is innovation.
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