intangible cultural heritage


area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : traditional craftmanship
Innovation generates greater value. Value generation is derived from an appreciation of value. And an appreciation of value is the starting point for the application of value!
The innate potential of inventive active people with their individual capabilities is central to the wealth of the Volcano Region. With over 400 projects and products over the last eight years, our Prize for Innovation has played an important part in developing creative potential. It is important to learn two capabilities: to see what is there, and to always cherish and appreciate this anew. Intelligent entrepreneurs thus emphasise ongoing training and skills upgrading for their employees, and they also invest in their own.
Value generation comes from an appreciation of value. What you value, you will continue to re-discover in ever new ways – this is the start of the application of value. This appreciation of value also works for our regional economy. The region Vulkanland is the source of 83% of state tax revenue (a total of EUR 580 million annually), and the region thus finances practically the entire public purse and all of our state services. Our tax and revenue contributions primarily make possible our health system, social services, administration, public infrastructure and education. The regional economy is based on three major foundation stones, which are firmly rooted in the economic strategy of sustainability: nature and its services, the legacy of our forefathers (architecture, facilities, infrastructure, knowledge, traditional lifestyle culture), and our non-commercial activities (family and domestic work, education, assistance, our own contributions to the neighbourhood and garden, volunteering, club membership, etc.).
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