intangible cultural heritage

Native & regional

area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : traditional craftmanship
Value creation through appreciation – The region Vulkanland is rich in a variety of resources, with which man’s talent can create something special on the ground. An appreciation of one’s own value develops into the creation of value across the Region.
We are a wealthy land of business people – around 5,500 businesses (plus approx. 5,700 part-time farmers) light up our land with their entrepreneurial spirit. With their tremendous effort and hard work (a 55-hour week is considered “normal” for anyone self-employed), they devote themselves to new challenges on a daily basis. Despite financial burdens which increase every year, new laws and ever more stringent regulations, increased documentation requirements and harsher occupational safety and product liability legislation, manufacturing is “in” in the Volcano Region. Thanks to devoted commitment and a network of relationships between employees, suppliers and the customer, we have succeeded on the ground, where skill and the firmness of a handshake are crucial.
More and more people (even outside of the Region) place their trust in their own, high-quality products – they pay increasing attention to where they come from. In the last few years, a new regional connectedness has become apparent: our Vulkanland is friendly, likable and liveable. Local use and consumption is the trend. The regional economy has become a question of one’s own lifestyle culture and self-worth. We appreciate the variety, the innovation on offer, and the high quality. The goods and services available from the regional economy alone are already wide-ranging indeed. A smart buyer understands that the price is not the only deciding factor.
Our regional economy is a human and ecological form of exchange. Morally as well as economically, this is a sophisticated way of creating and producing action and cultivating relationships. The region Vulkanland provokes us – to embark on a discussion with, and a refinement of, the immediate. It has also become part of the political culture to promote an emphasis on our own businesses, entrepreneurs and company founders. Our Region is home to a wide range of regional resources which, when combined with the talents of our people, are refined into something special, to be used with respect. The climate of innovation also always provides motivation for work. The regional economy is well positioned in Vulkanland– we are known for our handicrafts, our culinary success and our vitality. Talent, powerful strengths and skills, regional materials, 100% home-produced energy and our cultural landscape are the defining characteristics of our future, and our already firmly rooted culture. Thanks to our regional reflection and our skilful, careful handling of our regional characteristics, we are ensuring lasting success and a well-founded cultural basis for the regional economy. Our humanity and appreciation of values in all areas ensure the sustainability of our economy.
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