intangible cultural heritage

Garden & architectural culture

area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : traditional craftmanship
Our homes, furnishings and garden comprise the greatest life investments of anyone from Vulkanland. Building and gardening is in our blood, making us a true European handicrafts region.
With 8,400 ha used for buildings, transport and infrastructure, almost double the land surface used for fruit orchards and vineyards, our Region is overbuilt. The trend towards home ownership continues unabated and inhabited areas are expanding due to increased demand for living space. The emphasis placed on the family and community is most clearly expressed in our demand for space. The people of Vulkanland love their homes. Homes and the garden are beautifully kept and designed. Almost no other Region has so many gorgeously designed houses and gardens. These offer a home packed with quality of life and well-being.
We spend around EUR 300 million annually on our homes, furnishings and gardens. This is thus by far our greatest life investment. A specific characteristic of our regional lifestyle culture is that many handicrafts are made by the homeowner – we can do it ourselves. Building and gardening are “in our blood”. Not surprisingly, we are a region of crafts with a variety of talents and right-headedness. Our newly kindled love of the landscape and its distinctive seasons has changed us. We have deepened our relationship with the volcanic landscape. The natural beauty which surrounds us expands our perceptions, and today provides us with new challenges when it comes to architecture and urban landscapes – the overall design result must be carefully considered. We are all responsible over the longer term for the appearance of our surroundings. Space is valuable and provides an anchor for our home. Because the decisions we make today will remain in place for more than 50 years, or even 200 years, we need to have a “spatial culture”. A harmonious garden and architectural culture which emphasises and improves the beauty of the location and landscape is a high form of artistic compassion.
This represents the cultivation of the relationship between man and landscape.
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