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area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : practices concerning nature
The region Steirisches Vulkanland is home to approx. 6,000 active farms, while around half of the population still have agricultural and forestry know-how in their blood, which provides a source of inspiration for the spirit of the Region. In the future, this will make use of sustainable resources and create jobs in the agriculture and energy sectors.
There are around 54,000 ha of fertile agricultural land in Vulkanland, 11,500 ha of meadows, around 4,700 ha of fruit orchard and vineyards, and approx. 48.800 ha are covered with firmly established forestry. In 1970, this beautiful land was still worked by over 11,000 families, but today only half this number remains actively employed in the agricultural sector – 3/4 of these only as a sideline. Nevertheless, agricultural skills remain alive in around half of the population. A wealth of knowledge and skills to help man obtain and make full use of the fertility of Mother Earth.
There is an extremely wide range of knowledge and practical skills relating to crop production: crop species, crop care, machinery use, crop rotation, soil types and much more comes into play. A lot depends on timing. A real feel for the weather and nature is required. And skills too, ranging from sowing and planting, through nursing to harvesting and storing, in order to take care of the gifts of Mother Earth throughout the year. Even the careful tending of animals (chickens, cows, sheep, pigs, goats, cats, rabbits, horses, dogs, etc.) forms part of this lifestyle culture, which incorporates the potential for a high degree of self-sufficiency. In addition, besides the culinary delights, these skills also offer security. A self-reliant life with high-quality foodstuffs is a matter of course for our culinary region.
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