intangible cultural heritage

Diverse landscape

area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : practices concerning nature
The unique habitat of the region Steirisches Vulkanland, which has been formed over generations by much blood and passion, now has a very positive effect on our quality of life. This diverse habitat must be perceived, protected and preserved.
Our small-scale, diverse landscape offers us important regional resources, such as the raw materials for our high-quality foods, fresh drinking water or excellent fresh air. And yet its aesthetic, intangible resources, such as its beauty and scenic views, distinctive seasons and geomantic potential, are of equally high value and illustrate the evident “wealth” of our landscape. Our landscape has been cultivated with a great deal of blood and passion over generations – thus forming a charming yet unique landscape.
The careful relationship between man and the landscape has developed into a valuable habitat. Studies show that people want to live here because they appreciate an excellent quality of life in their immediate environment and in the landscape – and because the landscape reflects the colourful, varied coexistence of our people. Our small-scale landscape is characterised by its continuous colonisation, and only rarely will you find any more extensive area without a house or farm. Historically, this goes back to the regional planning for border security, established as early as the reign of Archduke John.
Thanks to its small scale, our landscape offers a variety of quiet places, nooks and crannies, but no one will ever feel lonely in our Region. Below every hill and in every valley, you are sure to find a house or farm. This particular structure means that our habitat combines space for food, exercise, leisure and work all in one. Our landscape is a closely meshed platform on which our lives and deeds, our ideas and innovation, as well as our production and consumption are on view. A particularity of the habitat of our Steirisches Vulkanland is its variety, which is unique in its fullness.
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