intangible cultural heritage

Brass bands

area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : social practices
District music sessions show off to a wider audience the many valuable qualities of the musicians, giving a feeling of pleasure and joie de vivre to both the musician and listener.
Our Vulkanland boasts 38 very active music groups and bands. Here also, as with our choirs and singing groups, approx. 2,200 musicians are active throughout the year. Together, they perform in almost 1,700 concerts, events, music festivals, church festivals, public events, funerals and other appearances and serenades at special celebrations. Here also, our major cultural strength is on show – with 38 brass bands and over 100 ensembles, we have established not only a varied musical offering but also an intensive approach to music and to making music, which strengthens both our individual as well as communal lifestyle culture.
Our festival culture is an expression of our lifestyle culture. Brass bands can look back over an extensive tradition, providing an example and role model of a living identity and also enriching our cultural scene. Ceremonies, festival shows and events are often framed around brass bands and ensembles, as part of which these not only contribute to our intangible culture but also set the right tone for the festivities – not least due to their formation, variety of instruments and special dress.
Besides the musical accompaniment that they provide for events or ceremonies, brass bands also have enormous value in terms of the development of both youngsters and adults. Around 1,200 youngsters receive practical training in such bands – also giving them a lot of fun, as what you have learned can then also be applied in the communal ensemble performance. Both young and old further develop their musical talents and capabilities in the bands, thus ensuring the further enrichment of these groups, as well as the marching and music traditions. Musical bands bring our generations together! Brass band music, together with sporting activities, plays an important role in defining our leisure activities. Musical bands teach the value of communal music-making not only to our youngsters, but also to all of their members.
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