intangible cultural heritage

Theatre culture

area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : social practices
Our Region’s theatre performers play an important role in shaping the lifestyle culture of the region Steirisches Vulkanland. They are bearers of our identity.
We are “filled to the brim” with amateur theatre companies, folk theatres, carnival side-shows, cabaret artists, performance artists, musicals and school plays. Countless amateur performers strive to enchant and inspire their guests, and make them laugh or cry. Over 55 stages with a variety of amateur performers and just as many assistants across the Region provide ample testimony of a valuable creativity and growing lifestyle culture. Over 1,500 people are involved in staging performances every year – we are a centre for theatre and a hub for culture.
Theatre culture in Vulkanland is a bearer of our identity, and has an invaluable appeal to the community – it supports and encourages the community. Theatre stages are often a tradition in municipalities and villages, and we can be proud of having so much room for development. The value of playing together is priceless, as it not only strengthens the community but also individual talents and abilities.
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