intangible cultural heritage

Choirs & singing groups

area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : social practices
The community-building aspect underlines the importance of establishing choirs and singing groups.
Our distinctive local culture, festivals and celebrations are an expression of a living popular and lifestyle culture. Culture forms our people, and this is particularly true of the forms which are practiced often or every day. These primarily include singing and music-playing in the community. Our Vulkanland has an incredible variety of invaluable cultural activities and creativity, which have transformed us into a cultural superpower: over 110 choirs and singing groups provide ample evidence of this diverse vocal culture, which often starts in families and at school – promoted by far-sighted parents and committed teachers.
This large number of choirs and singing groups offers the public a great, widely varied program around the year. Singing in turn offers the singers many possibilities, and positive effects: for example, a boost to their own health and intelligence. Breath control, clear verbal expression and network-building within the brain (converting read notes and texts into sounds) all help. Singing keeps you fit in your old age!
Anyone who sings is not only being kind to their body – they are also using their voice and the community as food for their soul. Singing in its wide variety of forms is an expressive and creative force, both for the individual (the individual person) as well as for a group. Choirs and singing groups have a demonstrably extremely positive impact on the community, which challenge and promote it. The various literature (e.g. polka, gospel, Latin, Indian, jazz, waltz) also connects us worldwide with different cultures, thus strengthens our world soul. Singing is an expressive, creative force. All of these aspects demonstrate the high value of communal singing. Every family, every village, and above all, every school and every nursing home should have singing on its daily agenda (in particular as our “vocal instrument” is ready to use at any time).
Almost all of the choirs and singing groups in Vulkanland are comprised of voluntary contributors, who practice and rehearse in their spare time, in order to accompany others in ceremonies or celebrations, and give pleasure to others. Music creates a festive setting. Choirs and singing groups bring life to and enrich the cultural life of our Vulkanland. They are participants in religious liturgies (masses, funerals, baptisms, weddings, etc.), and organise ceremonies and concerts. This commitment should not be taken for granted, but should always be appreciated – and those in particular who organise these events, and invest such massive amounts of time in the community.
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