intangible cultural heritage


area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : social practices
Festivals in the region Vulkanland are once again celebrations of our beloved community culture! With their family-focused, evenly-balanced program, regional culinary specialities and an atmosphere of mutual respect, these are our best social emblem.
On average, each of us visits around 25 festivals and events annually. Each of our municipalities organises a colourful range of events intended to bring us together, to share and to celebrate. Approx. one-quarter of our local inhabitants – or 27,000 volunteer helpers in Vulkanland alone – contribute approx. 820,000 man hours annually (approx. 1,300 voluntarily “donated days” per municipality). The result? Approx. 6.300 festivals and celebrations throughout the year, all of which illustrate our culture of togetherness.
Approx. 95% of people believe that it is important for regional products to form a set component of events, and over 61% are in favour of an earlier start to evening activities, and thus also an earlier conclusion (by 2am).
Each region is characterised by its own festival culture, which is in turn an expression of the lifestyle culture of its inhabitants. Our special festival culture makes us unique.
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