intangible cultural heritage

Clubs & volunteering

area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : social practices
The clubs and societies as well as voluntary activities are socially invaluable to our community, and are crucially involved in the formation of our lifestyle culture. We treasure these activities, and hold our clubs in the highest esteem!
Around 49,000 of our citizens make a valuable contribution to improving the common good of our Vulkanland through their voluntary activities in a wide range of clubs and bodies (such as the volunteer fire service, the Red Cross or sports associations). The variety of clubs and bodies is an expression of our prosperity as a region. These thus make an invaluable contribution to building our quality of life and lifestyle culture. The community, in the form of clubs and bodies, empowers the individual, and every participant in turn empowers the community through their contribution.
In Steirisches Vulkanland, community means a conscious give-and-take, which is particularly noticeable in the generosity of the region’s inhabitants. Our clubs and voluntary bodies are dependent on the community, which supports them not only by financial means, but also specifically through personal commitment and involvement – for which a heartfelt vote of thanks is due! Our extensive voluntary sector is typical of our regional lifestyle culture.
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