intangible cultural heritage

Paths to maturity

area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : social practices
The maturity of our elder generation is a gift to our community. This compilation of emotional experience forms the backbone which holds our community together, providing a role model for the younger generation and setting the direction for our future lifestyle culture.
Thanks to excellent hygiene habits, as well as a good food supply, health care and lifestyle, people are living longer. This provides society with a major opportunity: to increase the potential of the experience of the older generation, and thus that of social maturity as a whole. Age is a gift, like every other stage of life! Paths to maturity open up many possibilities, in particular that to cultivate characters who are individualistic and exemplary.
Character matures particularly well in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. An active, positive retirement retaining close contact with the community demonstrably wards off the sorrows of subsistence in care by many years. It is therefore important that we also spend part of our time with our community, especially in our old age – as what you do with your time, with your economic capacity and with your wealth of experience (legacy) once you are retired, is crucial.
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