intangible cultural heritage


area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : social practices
Right-headedness is a valuable resource in Vulkanland, and is used to describe common sense in terms of a practical and experiential understanding of the world around us, an ability to communicate this simply to other people and the associated natural judgements that ultimately define our actions.
Until only a few decades ago, the nurturing of right-headedness was a feature of almost every home. A lot of things we produced by ourselves: in the garden, in the household, in the kitchen, in the workshop (household fittings, furniture, tools, equipment) or on the land or in small businesses. Thanks to the wonderful custom of helping each other, children learned a variety of talents and skills from a very young age, from their parents and grandparents. They would work in practical contexts and on practical processes, and thus often learned “a variety of trades”. The region Vulkanland thus gave birth to true Jacks of All Trades, with strong common sense and skills, and they are today widely sought after outside of the region itself, in business and in public life (areas in which they excel) –
this is notably thanks to their desire to pass on and practice their culture, hard work, knowledge and skills, their willingness to try, their ability to apply as well as to learn the tricks as well as the right way of doing things.
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