intangible cultural heritage

Lifestyle culture

area : Steirisches Vulkanland
category : social practices
A region’s lifestyle culture and the mindset of its people are the proud emblems which it presents to the outside world, and whose characteristics generate curiosity in, and a passion for, the region.
Our way of life forms a valuable part of our individual self-expression and character. The lifestyle and mindset of the people here in Austria’s Steirisches Vulkanland are dominated by family ties, hard work, sociability, a down-to-earth nature as well as an energetic, artful approach to life. This is reflected in our deliberate, careful dealings with others. Values are passed down through the generations, the present is protected and preserved, and innovation is carefully developed.
What we nurture and care for gains in value to us, as we are proud of our own achievements, and believe that this suggests independence. Wanting to achieve and achieving this “self-reliance” is a major precondition for the sustainable development of our region. It incorporates courage, optimism and organisational skills – all part of an entrepreneurial spirit which is so vital to the regional economy and the vitality of our community and social life.
Our character and mentality determine how we live – our dealings with our families, with our friends, with nature and the regional economy. It is taken for granted that a visit with friends, acquaintances or even complete strangers is celebrated with coffee and cake, sometimes even with a small meal. This everyday humanity, which is practiced across the region not only in our families and circles of friends, but also within our neighbourhoods, is one of the cornerstones of our particular lifestyle culture.
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