about the project

What’s Cultural Capital Counts?

Cultural Capital Counts is the name of a project that unites 10 European regions from 6 nations. Our common goal: to enable a positive development of the regions by focussing on our immaterial resources like living traditions, knowledge and talents. For three years (2011 – 2014) the regions will work together to utilize their cultural heritage for a positive future development. We are convinced that the knowledge of the people, their experience and their social interactions are the most valuable resource for our regions' development.


What is “intangible cultural heritage”?

“Cultural heritage” in general is well-known all over the world (think of buildings like the Great Wall of China or the Taj Mahal). Immaterial or intangible cultural heritage is as important as material cultural heritage but not that obvious at first sight. It refers to things you cannot see like traditions that are living, talents, skills and a certain expertise and knowledge in various domains. Intangible cultural heritage gives a region its identity. It is the soul of a region.


Why focussing on “intangible cultural heritage”?

We are living in a part of the world where people have so much material wealth as never before. Nevertheless, they are so unsatisfied as never before. With our project “Cultural Capital Counts” we want to pay attention not to material wealth but to the people and their culture – which is often neglected nowadays. We want to make them aware of what they can be proud of – of their origins and their special traditions, skills and knowledge that make their regions unique. At the moment the identification of the ICH in the regions is in progress.


What are our goals?

1)        We are convinced that focussing on the individual uniqueness of our regions will make them more attractive to their citizens, visitors and entrepreneurs!

Most of the people living in the different regions participating in the project are not aware of the intangible cultural heritage of the region they live in. Cultural Capital Counts wants to make them aware of the uniqueness of their region and to strengthen their relation to the region, the landscape and culture.

2)        By developing a strategy that is based on intangible cultural resources we will enable a sustainable regional development in order to increase the region’s attractiveness for enterprises and the competitiveness of the regions.

3)        Finally, also companies will focus on the intangible cultural heritage of their regions because it helps them to develop their unique selling proposition (USP). The focus on intangible cultural heritage should help them inspiring the development of new products, services and production methods based on the intangible cultural heritage. Together, we will put regional spirit into regional economy.

The project is co-financed by the ERDF-funds of the European Union (amount: € 1.789.851,39).


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